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Author survives Greek sailing adventure – Alexander McCall Smith 6 Sept

It’s amazing how sailing in Greece lures authors. It has sudden storms and danger, then dazzling beauty mixed with kindness, love, life and hospitality – all the ingredients your characters can surprise you with when you are trying to write them into an orderly story. Will they even survive a night of disaster, being cast…

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60 years ago today, how we nearly drowned

Our lifeboat Crab was unsinkable, but that didn’t mean we couldn’t be thrown out and drown in heavy seas as we sailed the Greek Islands. Here is the entry from my memoir Crab’s Odyssey about running a storm from Preveza in Epirus, Northwest Greece, to Levkas Bridge on the Island of Levkas. If you want…

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The skulls in Otranto

I visited Otranto Cathedral in late October 2011 with my younger sister Kate, while researching places on our route for my book “Crab’s Odyssey“ on sailing adventures in Greece, Italy and Turkey. Sure enough, there behind the altar in the Cathedral crypt were impressive glass cupboards against the walls, and, in them, rows and rows of…

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Sailing young – “My Older Sister Teaches me How to Sail”

Here is a story about sailing lessons, in the estuary of the River Dwyryd in front of Portmeirion, Wales. My brother Owain was seven years old and we both loved sailing as children. This extract is from his beautiful book about childhood adventures in Wales and elsewhere and including his hiking trip down the Llyn…

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